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Conference Call Services Featured Article

Why Conference Call Services Need Robust Call Accounting

August 18, 2014

In the course of running a business, it’s important to assign costs properly so you can accurately assess your profit potential. As a result, you need to assign costs to clients that generate them and you need to assign call costs according to the departments responsible for the activity. The same is true in conferencing. It’s an important communication channel and it needs to be assigned appropriately.

Conference call services are often used to connect with colleagues, clients, partners or others. When there is a cost involved in the process, you have to be able to easily assign that cost to the right department for proper billing. It makes call accounting much easier and allows the parties involved to stay focused on the reasons for the call and not the schematics involved in proper billing.

Let’s examine why this matters for the consulting firm. The typical firm is made up of independent contractors and any costs associated with their activities has to be easily tracked for billing purposes. As a result, the conference call services need to easily integrate with billing systems so these calls are tracked automatically and billed out according to use. If the calls also need to be recorded, easy integration with other platforms is a must.

The same is true for the law firm that needs to service clients around the country. Conference call services are a must and recording is often essential to the process. The conversation may need to be captured for use in a case or other means, and a detailed report captured with the conversation is essential for later tracking. Audit protection is also assured when the proper controls are in place to demonstrate the firm made took the right actions at each turn.

An accounting firm that needs to be able to tie all expenses to a specific client can also benefit from proven conference call services. When tied to a proven call accounting platform, the two tools can ensure the right costs are associated with the right account. It also helps when checking for accuracy to demonstrate the right associations with a detailed report. Abnormalities in calling patterns are easily detected so the source of the activity is either verified or a process is corrected.

Conference call services such as those from AT Conference are proven to be a critical component for business communications when properly integrated with robust call accounting. The solution is completely reservationless, low in cost, fully scalable, unlimited in codes and completely web-based. Codes are easily assigned according to user, department, account or any other designation that works well with internal processes.

Technology advancements have made conferencing a part of everyday business life. When you add conference call services integrated with proven call accounting, you get the best of both worlds.  

Edited by Maurice Nagle


"I was tasked this week to pull together a new conferencing solution by week's end. Your staff gave me a full demo, answered all my questions and had my account established in minutes. We ran a test and had our first conference. It couldn't have been easier to use and the report feature is going to help us track time and costs. Great product. Thanks."
- Tom H
Financial Institution

"Very good experience from initial contact on the website, to when I called customer service. Very easy! Your company is helping to make my programs successful, which in turn makes our organization stronger."
- Maureen W.
Non-Profit Organization